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Communicate Effectively and Perform Better as a Team!

At Integrity In Talent Consulting, LLC we transform leaders and their teams by coaching them to become more effective in achieving their business results. We are now certified to deliver two powerful workshops! With support from Sherpa Coaching (, we are proud to be able to offer two additional solutions to transform leaders.

These 1/2 day workshops will transform your leaders and your team and yield positive results for your organization. Which leadership team would not want to invest 1/2 day to communicate and perform more effectively?

Communication and Team Effectiveness is based on DiSC assessment for communication styles and provides real-time coaching to create positive changes in business behavior to generate real cooperation. The workshop also focuses on Team Effectiveness, building clarity and understanding about communication and how to create an effective team. At the end of the workshop the team's leader sets their expectations around team behavior, team dynamics and future performance.

Do you want to get your new leaders rapidly and efficiently

engaged with their new team? This workshop is for new leaders hired or transitioning to a new team. The Team Leader Assimilation workshop focuses on working relationships, setting accountabilities, and builds specific action plans.

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