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Eagle Flying

I had so much fun learning new things from you. Really appreciate the breakthrough during our conversation. I have been pitching the same to folks since then. I am grateful to you and looking forward to our future interactions.  

Pursuit of my professional development after a decade long service to the United States Air Force led me to Alex for advice. As I have been looking for someone to guide me on how to leverage my military experiences and skill sets to help small businesses affected by COVID19 Pandemic. Her career is extensive and business leaders have so much to learn from her. My time was well spent with Alex; I was motivated by her courage to set a good example by doing what's difficult. Even with her busy schedule she took time out to speak with me over the phone and took the initiative to make the conversation energetic. Alex is a very patient person; she listened to all my concerns and goals. As she responded to my concerns she articulated what she understood. I say that because it is impressive to speak to someone who paid attention to the details during communications. At the end of our discussion I learned the same communication method for myself. It is difficult to practice active listening; but helped to see someone who does a good job at it. Along with learning and improving communication skills by mirroring I have also learned how to ask the right questions. She was willing to share knowledge right away and asked me questions to develop the bridges between my goals from earlier careers to future ambitions. Like a good mentor she empathized with how difficult it is at the beginning of all business startup. Thank you again; for all that you do for the veterans and businesses.  

Asif H., Veterati mentee

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