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Leadership Actions and Behaviors Will Impact Retention and Engagement, And Your Business Success

A crisis demands action, and we're able to see demonstrations of both strong and floundering leadership actions and behaviors. We see leaders who are managing their home and work challenges in a healthy way - countless leaders taking time to listen and address their team members' needs, or a CEO interrupting a work call to answer their mother's demand to take out the garbage! [WSJ, April 6]. And then we see other leaders who are not accessible to their teams, and not providing timely, clear and relevant direction and guidance.

Respect and Support

Yes, we're in a crisis and layoffs and furloughs continue. Are you implementing these tough decisions with dignity and respect? Have you been creative to avoid the extent of this impact? Even if you don't have workforce reductions, are you truly doing everything you can to stay engaged with your team? Have you set new priorities and effective ways of working, and have you been clear in communicating these changes? Have you acknowledged when they don't work, and have been open and flexible to change them? How are you ensuring that each team member has a voice, a clear purpose and role through this interim period? Are you listening to what your team needs from you? Can they rely on that support?

Communication and Expectations

Employees have always respected leaders with candor, consistency and transparency, even when the message is not positive. Now, in times of crisis and uncertainty, leaders are even more pivotal in how employees view their organizations. Leaders must step up their game and address this need for their employees. Employees will be looking back to these weeks and months and making choices later as to whether the organization respected them now. Leaders, your actions and behaviors will have lasting impact on your employees' engagement and retention!

This is a time where employees are re-evaluating their values. They might not have the opportunity to make employment changes now, but what happens when they do? When they have choices, will they choose to stay with their current supervisor, their current organization? Did you make them feel valued and respected and build a sense of belonging, loyalty and trust during these challenging times? Your experienced employees who are towards the end of their career, may choose to retire after this crisis. Do you have succession plans in place, and are you developing your next talent to take on those roles and ensuring business continuity?

If you or your leaders are being challenged in your communication approach or style, get support to develop those areas now! Leadership capabilities are being spotlighted now and the strengths and weaknesses are showing. These capabilities will still be there when we return to the Next Normal.

Work with Integrity In Talent to project what those capabilities will be, and put plans in place now to build those leadership skillsets for future success.

Contact us for solutions for Talent Retention, Coaching and Building Leadership Capabilities, Effective Communication, Succession Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning. Schedule a free consultation to address your business and talent challenges.

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